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J. M. Waller Visits Walter Reed Army Medical Center

The J. M. Waller - Fairfax office visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center on October 14th 2008. J. M. Waller employees delivered 200 gift bags to the hospitals. Gift bags contained items to help wounded soldiers pass time such as DVD’s, puzzle books, cards, stress balls, paper, pens, note cards and a Starbucks gift card. Several employees toured the medical center and personally hand distributing about 55 bags directly to the soldiers. The J. M. Waller President Mr. Chuck Scott and the Chief Financial Officer Mr. Jim Emery along with six other J. M. Waller employees were appreciative of the opportunity to visit our wounded soldiers. J. M. Waller believes in the efforts our employees champion to live up to its commitment of being a good neighbor. Our employee’s actions affect change and make a meaningful difference to the communities in which we serve.

"Visiting the soldiers was a very moving and humbling experience. The soldiers and their families welcomed us into their rooms sharing their experience with us and appreciative of our visit." - Trish Reardon, HR Director.

"Visiting Walter Reed made what our soldiers - our brothers, sons, daughters, husbands, fathers and friends - are going through more real to me. It made me more thankful that we have men and women dedicated to this country. The soldiers and their families shared stories that were heart wrenching and strengthening. The experience made me happy to be part of this project and this company." - Nicole Williams, HR Coordinator.